Simon and The Little Green Man

When Simon finds himself the victim of his sister's teasing and her boyfriend's bullying, he doesn't know what to do. His parents won't listen to him and if he complains, no one will listen.

Tark is a little green man from Mars, who's stranded on Earth after he forgot how to brake during a space expedition. Not wanting to be stuck on Earth forever, he needs to repair his spaceship before anyone notices he's there.

A chance meeting between the two leads to an unlikely friendship between the alien and the troubled boy. Can they help each other to fix their problems? Can Tark save Simon from his sister's teasing, and can Simon help to get Tark's ship repaired? Simon and The Little Green Man shows us that, sometimes, you just need a friend to give you a hand.

Jean M. Akam

Jean M. Akam, the daughter of a librarian, was introduced to books at an early age. Able to read by five years of age, this opened up a visual world of adventure, fantasy and fun.

She has written short stories for adults, had poetry published, plus a story in an anthology about Colchester, where she lives.

The Virtual Reality Space Pirates

It is the year 2051 and four Earth school children are in a science museum (without adult supervision). After a discussion, they decide to enter a door marked 'No Admission to Unauthorised Personnel'. What ensues when they enter the room and don the virtual reality headsets they find in there takes them to a world beyond their wildest dreams, full of fantasy and adventure.